SWOT Analysis Of Food Processing In India

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Food Processing in India Introduction Food processing industry in India is a sunrise sector that has gained prominence in the recent years. India is the second largest producer of food after China in the world, it has the potential of being the major in food and agricultural sector. Food processing industry is one of the biggest industry is India. Food and food products are the highest consumption category in India, with spending on food accounting for nearly 21% of India’s GDP and market size of $181 billion. The Indian domestic food market is anticipated to grow by $344 billion by 2025. India ranked sixth in exports of agricultural products in the World in 2013. Availability of raw materials, changing lifestyles and appropriate fiscal policies…show more content…
• Need for India to create a brand for itself in the agro and food processing industry. • Private sector can play an influential role in promoting the food processing industry. • FDI flowing into the retail business, cold chain facility to get a shot-in-the-arm. There is certainly an opportunity for India to establish a brand in food processing industry. SWOT analysis of food processing industries in India: Strengths: • High demand in India to the food processing product so that Hugh market to that types of foods. • Agriculture production increased, so raw material is available to the food processing industries. • The Government of India agrees to provide facilities to the food processing industries. • The India needs more employment required to the food processing industries. Weakness: • Non-availability of infrastructure facilities and modern equipment in India is the main weakness of these industries. • Indian agricultural depends upon the monsoon, that why raw material also available seasonally, that why there is no guaranty to continuous of food processing work in this industries. • Hugh competitions in food processing…show more content…
• Government taxation rate are high so that the price of food processing industries continuously rising. • The inventory carrying cost are of high level so that lack of capital invested. INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES • Vegetables and fruits: preserved, crystalized, glazed and glazed fruits and vegetables shrivelled vegetables, flecks, juices, jams, jellies, purees, soups, powders, shreds and ready-to-eat curries. • Dairy: liquid milk, curd, sweetened yoghurt, ice cream, milk-based sweets and different types of cheese. • Grain processing – oil, rice, pulse and flour milling sectors. • Food preservation and packing: metal cans, sterilised packs. • Food preservation by fermentation alcoholic beverages, Beverages: fruit-based, cereal-based. • Food processing equipment: canning, dairy and food processing, forte processing, packing, frozen food/refrigeration and thermo-processing. • Consumer food: packaged food, aerated soft drinks and packaged drinking water. • Spice adhesives. • Food condiments and

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