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SWOT Analysis The first Golden Corral restaurant was founded in 1973 in Fayetteville, NC, and the brand has been expanding since that time. Currently, Golden Corral has 481 locations throughout 41 states in the United States of America. They have been around for approximately 45 years and is known to many as America’s #1 buffet and grill. In fact, in 2011, Golden Corral was recognized for the 14th year as the #1buffet and grill by the National Restaurant Association. Subsequently, in 2016, Golden Corral was recognized for the 20th year as the #1 franchisor in the United States by Entrepreneur Magazine (Golden Corral Franchising Systems, Inc, 2018). According to Deresky (2017), when a company reaches the stage of strategic planning it conducts…show more content…
This will demonstrate to the locals that their culture is being embraced and make their brand more appealing to the citizens of Jamaica. Moreover, Golden Corral will be able to cater to the local population of Jamaica as well as to the tourists visiting from the United States and other parts of the world. Furthermore, Golden Corral will be more competitive against their rivals in the restaurant industry (Hoover's, Inc., 2018). Retail & Restaurant Consumers tend to spend more time shopping at retail stores as long as there is food available within close proximity. Therefore, in an effort to boost the local economy, Golden Corral will possibly seek out a location that is not only known for a high level of tourism but also close to local retail establishments as well. Thus, creating a positive footprint in Jamaica, while generating repeat customers and increasing revenue for themselves, as well as the local retail stores within proximity (Hoover's, Inc., 2018). Threats Threats • Competition from buffets on resorts. • Competes with resorts and other restaurants for the best quality products from local…show more content…
The highly regulated laws and regulations create significant pressure on Golden Corral to ensure that the company adheres to strict food preparation, handling, and serving of food. Moreover, there is the issue of nutrition and menu labeling which is an essential part of food services and safety. Consequently, Golden Corral must take the necessary steps to ensure that their food and beverage practices are up to standard. Not only can improper food and beverage practices affect sales and brand reputation, but it can create unnecessary litigation costs due to failure to comply with the laws and regulations of the industry (Hoover's, Inc.,

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