SWOT Analysis Of Kristy's Grill

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Kristy's Grill
Kristy's Grill is a restaurant located in Tripoli, North Lebanon. It was founded in late 2015 as part of the "Kristy's" restaurant chain. The restaurant specializes in international cuisine with an emphasis on American foods. The restaurant's mission statement since opening in Lebanon is "To serve clients with the best international and American cuisine tailored according to the customer's expectations." The restaurant serves a wide variety of food including mexican cuisine such as authentic nachos, they also serve american classics such as the hamburger with homestyle fries, the restaurant even includes italian cuisine including a wide variety of pastas and platters. The restaurant also offers many options when it comes to
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The restaurant also features a catering service, they have previously done work with several NGOs, they also cater for birthday parties,cultural and political meetups. Their restaurant is aimed at "anyone who enjoys international food, especially younger people as they are usually more open to try new foods."

A SWOT analysis of Kristy's Grill is indicative of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. For the restaurant's strengths, a big contributor to their success is linked to the fact that the owners come from a franchise with a lot of experience in the food they create, and their target market. Another strength they have is the fact that they also have an established name that is accredited by boecker, an international company for food safety and quality. It can be seen through the taste of their food that indeed the food is of high quality. Their pricing is very much competitive for the market, although there are not many restaurants similar to its style they are very competitive when it comes highlightee through the competition. They also claim to have the "best wings in town" which many
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Business is no longer about just making a sale, it's about establishing a relationship between customer and business. Any successful business can be seen through the way it handles its customers. When it comes to restaurants, the service is half the experience. The food might be great, but if the waiter is rude, odds are, you'll never ever return to dine there. At Kristy's Grill, the basic philosophy of "The customer is always right" holds true. Any inconvenience a customer might face will be handled in the most appropriate way for the customer, even if that involves giving a refund or a free plate. A happy customer is a customer that will return. The employees there are trained through lecture style lessons, along with many role playing scenarios as the restaurant believes that just teaching is not enough, and that the employee should actually go through the scenarios. We asked how they handled customer service in general. The waiters will make their rounds on tables and give each person a menu. Approximatley 5 minutes later or whenever the customer looks ready, the waite will reapproach them and ask them if they need help or simply take the order. Once the food is ready the waiter will deliver them. Half way through the food the waiter will then again ask how the food, and a manager will usually always ask how the

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