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LinkedIn is currently a successful company; however, changes in the internal and external environment might the efficiency and effectiveness of its strategy. In order to improve its business strategy and keep up with those changes, LinkedIn must continuously monitor and evaluate its strategy by completing an industry analysis, five forces model analysis, SWOT analysis and value chain analysis as they ensure other aspects of the strategy fit the condition of the market.
Summary of Recommendations The following recommendations will assist LinkedIn to grow and expand its business and improve internal and external relationship with shareholders. If the company applies the correct methods and integrates the following strategy moves, in the three
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Adopt a new communication tool to the platform.
5. The joint venture will improve competitive position in the industry, reduce risks, address resource deficiency and set up safeguards.
6. Partnering with big companies like Facebook and Skype should be considered, to access additional resources, capabilities and experience.
8. Limiting terms of duration with current strategic alliance and get additional ones and manage them like a portfolio.
9. Focus on the system development/programming activities.
10. Invest more in Research & Development and service design to develop additional expertise.
11. Adopt a transnational strategy focused on ‘Think-Global, Act-Local in their foreign operations.
13. Partnership with international competitors will allow to access these capabilities, knowledge, experience and valuable resources in an effective safe manner.
14. Do not opt for unrelated diversification.
15. Diversifying business by related ones that can bring benefit from its strategic fit, but using methods of evaluation.
16. Address ethical differences by integrating social contracts with terms based on the country where offices operate.
17. Communicate policies that involve sustainable business practices or relationship with the
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It is believed that money runs the world, but money can’t be ran, if people do not have a role toward the organization. Our world, your company will be always in need of effective and responsible leadership that can manage and apply concepts, methods and system to bring outcomes and determine weaknesses to convert them into opportunities of growth. It is important that leaders use a healthy culture, a balanced mission and vision to meet their objectives by following policies and responsible standards. According to Thompson, Arthur, Peteraf, Gamble, M. J. and A.J. III., (2012),” Strong company cultures can have either positive or negative effects on strategy execution. When they are in sync with the chosen strategy and well matched to the behavioral requirements of the company’s strategy implementation plan, they can be a powerful aid to strategy execution” (p. 363). Finally, to achieve the desired strategic position, LinkedIn’s leadership must monitor process, engage with personnel from different departments and levels of authority, put constructive and balanced pressure on the organization to meet realist goals of strategy execution and implement corrective actions to improve
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