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SWOT Analysis The company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats In the current strategic planning report, SWOT analysis should be a well known tool. SWOT analysis from McKinsey & Company includes analysis of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Therefore, SWOT analysis is actually a method of synthesizing and summarizing the internal and external conditions of the enterprise, and then analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of the organization, the opportunities and threats faced by the organization. Through the SWOT analysis, can help enterprises to resources and actions gathered in their strengths and opportunities where the most, and make the enterprise strategy become clear. Strengths and Weaknesses.Identifying…show more content…
Competitive advantage refers to the eyes of consumers in an enterprise or its products are superior to any thing different from its competitors, it is the width of product line, product size, quality, reliability, applicability, style and image and service timely, enthusiastic attitude etc.. Although the competitive advantage is the fact that an enterprise has strong comprehensive advantages than its rivals, but has the advantage of clear enterprise more meaningful where one aspect, because only in this way can avoid, or to hit false. The strengths of James White Drinks company is since 2005 .It has years of history,so the customer will choose it over years of history and not choose a new company.that’s one of the strengths. After that, James White Drinks company already got capital can drumbeating they product. Beside that, People in Malaysia prefer foreign products more than national products. Organic beetroot juice is a new, innovative product in Malaysia. The Weakness of James White Drinks Company is people in Malaysia may not like beetroot juice because of culture .After that, the market in Malaysia is different from that in foreign markets so may lack of Malaysia marketing expertise. Beside that, the location of James White Drinks company is not in Malaysia so can’t be the first time to deal with the problem in Malaysia. In addition, the factory of the product is not in Malaysia so it increase cost and the price of the…show more content…
Environmental opportunities and threats. With the rapid development of economy, science and technology in many aspects, especially the process of economic globalization, globalization, diversification of establishment of global information network and consumer demand, enterprises are more open and turbulent environment. This change has had a profound impact on almost all businesses. Because of this, environmental analysis has become an increasingly important business function. Environmental development trends can be divided into two categories: one represents environmental threats, and the other represents environmental opportunities. Environmental threats refer to the challenges posed by an unfavorable development trend in the environment. If no decisive strategic actions are taken, this unfavorable trend will weaken the competitive status of the company. Environmental opportunities are attractive areas of corporate behavior. In this field, the company will have a competitive

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