SWOT Analysis Of Nestle

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1. STRENGTH Brand name: Nestle has a successful brand name in the worldwide. Milk pack is the trusted brand which is well recognized all over the country for its nutritious wholesome goodness and pure natural taste. High Quality Products: Nestle produce an exceptional class product. Nestle cannot compromise on quality because now a days people are more quality conscious. Through best quality they can achieve customer loyalty. Nestle being the worldwide famous brand creates qualitative product to keep hold of that image. UTH (Ultra Heated Treatment): Nestle workers uses ultra-heated treatment to kill the spores in milk. UTH is the sterilization of food by heating it for an extremely brief period, around 1-2 seconds, at temperature exceeding…show more content…
Good marketing skills and services: Nestle is working on the good marketing skills concept because they want to increase their market share. So, for that they are providing quality products to their customers that include their service and product. Well-developed strategy: Nestle has recognizes there is a right time and place for their product, therefore their strategy makes room for adjustments. Nestle captured a market with clear developed strategy. Large and Qualified workforce: Nestle have occupied 340000 odd global workforce who are constantly working to make its products available in every corner of the world. Nestle believe in professional labor force because it is necessary to remain his name at top companies. High quality of manufacturing: In process of producing Nestle’s products. Nestle company already used high technology, so they can produce outstanding quality of daily products. 2. WEAKNESSES External sources for raw material: Milk pak depends on external sources for raw material due to this sometimes they face some problems. Tetra…show more content…
It is one of the main shareholders of L’Oréal, the world’s largest cosmetics. So, partnering with other food giants will help the company in further growth. 4.THREATS Competitor: Two main competitor of Nestle are Haleebfoods and Enfrofoods which causes threat for the company. New entrants: The growth is the market segments can attract new entrants. Political and economic issues: The demand on a product can be reduced due to economic and politically our country Pakistan is not a stable country. Religious extremist: As nestle is a worldwide company some religious extremist avoids to use the Nestle product.. Inflation: Inflation is getting higher and higher so purchasing power of people is diminishing day by day. Price of Commodities: Increasing price of commodities will result in further increase in price. Further increase in price will result in decrease in sales, margins & people will buy other competitors products.. Technology: Technological environment is changing rapidly. Technology is remarkable force can shape the company’s offerings and the way product is marketed. Company must keep up with technological changes to match up with its

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