SWOT Analysis Of Rebranding

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Rebranding can offer your organization many things, almost all of them good. But to take advantage of them, you have to actively and proactively manage the change process. To do that, it all starts with research, planning, education and communication within your organization, almost all of it between your marketing department and the executive staff. Start at the Top Getting good data is key to making good decisions - that's an axiom that few can argue with, but that very few organizations take to heart when making strategic decisions. Rebranding is a very strategic decision, so in order to do it with the greatest positive impact, some critical research is in order. A good, old-fashioned SWOT analysis will lead you down the right road in almost…show more content…
And most don't know they've got it wrong until it's too late, because they don't test. Internal and external reviews, focus groups and first-hand interviews will give you tremendous insight as to the accuracy of the image in projecting your brand's characteristics, and will give you insight as to the level and speed of acceptance you can expect among your target audience. If you meet with resistance, or it's not memorable or not accurate, you can waste precious resources trying to correct it later. Research is relatively cheap insurance against launching a poorly-crafted new brand. Done correctly, it can give you the confidence to launch the new brand with pride and have it met with predictable success. This type of research has some nuances to it, and many organizations don't have the specialized knowledge and skill sets on staff to do it justice. For them it makes good financial sense to hire out to the experts for this portion. Most cities have a selection of reliable research firms that would be happy to help you launch your new brand…show more content…
The mantra that good public speakers and presenters follow will work well here as well: "Tell them what you're going to say, say it, and then tell them what you said." That first step, the advance alert is important, so that there is some warning, and the launch isn't completely cold. It lets the audience know that there's a change coming and they can brace for it. It gives you a chance to set the stage, set expectations and show a little of your rationale behind the change, show the advantages it offers and show the benefits of the change in a positive light. The better you prepare the audience, the faster your adoption curve will evolve, and the higher your acceptance level will be - and that saves you time and money. The more easily they accept the new identity, the less time and money you have to spend to convince

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