SWOT Analysis Of Ryanair

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1. Low fares
Ryanair becomes Europe’s leading scheduled passenger airline that offers low fares compared to the other competitors. Ryanair’s average fares are lowest than the average short-haul fares of other competitors in Europe. There is no fuel surcharge imposed on any fare. Ryanair could target fare-conscious leisure and business travelers who might prefer a substitute form of transportation by charging lower fares.

2. Low cost
Ryanair could provide low cost in its operation by using a single model of aircraft. It allows for minimisation of training and maintenance costs, efficient management of spare parts inventory and more flexible scheduling of flight crews. Since Ryanair purchase a large number of aircraft from Boeing, they can negotiate
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Moreover, flights are booked one way only and the passengers’ must check-in online 15 days before departure time. Boarding pass must be printed and presented at boarding. It makes the process easier and quick so that the passengers do not have to long queue.

1. Misleading advertisement
Ryanair has been accused of providing misleading advertisement relating to its statement “fair dealing”. They also have made exaggerated claims about the availability of flights at advertised prices which not include taxes and fees. For example they claimed that its flight from London to Brussels was faster and cheaper than travelling by Eurostar train, used a model in schoolgirl-style clothes with headline “hottest back to school fares” and played down the effect of aviation on the environment by claiming that the industry accounts for just 2 percent of carbon dioxide emissions.

2. Bad customer service
There has been claimed on customer services provided by Ryanair on European airline and cancellations, missing bags and denied boarding. Even, the new CEO O’Leary suggests that Ryanair’s customer services are poor. It is because they too focus on reducing the cost until they neglect to serve their customers
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Charter flights are offered by low fare as well as offer schedule services that might be a big competitor to Ryanair. Even though Ryanair has lowest fares but in the survey by The Telegraph, it is shown that cost of a flight on a low-cost carrier can escalate when all fees added. Thus, it makes the price of the traditional flight such as British Airways become more

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