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Despite intense competition from other mobile phone companies: Tecno, which is taking a bigger chunk of the African market, ASUS, Huawei, both giving Samsung intense competition in the Asian market, and Lumia, which has gained its popularity by using Windows mobile, Samsung still tops the mobile phone market. One of the reasons why Samsung has remained at the top of the market is by creating value for its customers. As Rajagopal (2012) provides, a company’s value proposition is spread across two core areas, which are devoted towards building consumer value and marketing value. One way in which Samsung mobile creates value for its consumers is by providing its consumers with a combination of products. Samsung Mobile Display (SMD) Company according…show more content…
The implication of being such a valuable brand is that, the company is able to innovate or introduce new products at an expedited rate. Compared to other company’s Samsung has significant resources at its disposal, which means it can develop new products and services much easier. In terms of its weaknesses, the company has a poor presence in the world largest markets. Consider in the United States, for instance, Apple iPhone continues to be the most popular brand despite Samsung’s innovative brands like the note galaxy brand (Lunden, 2015). The implication of this weakness is that, even though Samsung is selling more compared to other companies, its recognition in top markets continue to deter its worldwide presence, thus affecting its market share. Regardless, there are significant opportunities the company can capitalize on. One of the opportunities is the ever changing consumer habits. The implication of this opportunity is that, Samsung has the power to showcase its power to meet customer needs. For instance, provide customers with cheaper phones that feature big screens without compromising their design quality. Intense competition is, however, the greatest threat. This has significant implications beginning with the fact that there will be high competition in every market. Emerging companies like Tecno, ASUS and even Oppo are producing high quality products and selling them at a very low price, something that is likely going to affect Samsung’s market share in terms of their

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