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There are many approaches and business models to analyze a company. One of the most popular techniques is the SWOT-Analysis. It is used to examine the potential of a business, company or product. Applied to a business the SWOT-Analysis helps to illustrate the businesses potential development by summarizing internal and external issues. The letters of „SWOT“ stand for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. The internal factors, that can be controlled by the company are strengths and weaknesses. From the external view of the organization, there are opportunities and threats. The four categories are split into a helpful (left) and harmful section (right).
Three of the most helpful things a swot analysis illustrates are: The company's
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For real improvement, the next step is the formulation of strategies which have to be evaluated and lastly implemented.

Application on Alsternativ
Alsternativ’s mission of Alternative is „be a part of Hamburg.“ Speaking to Thai students on the Chulalongkorn campus and inspiring them by the hansenativ lifestyle is challenging. This mission is influenced by many internal and external factors. The SWOT analysis helps to identify these factors and conclusively provides an overview.

Alsternative’s strengths are the significant keys for its future popularity. They have to be reinforced and sustained.
1. The first strength of Alsternative is its name. The brand name is a constellation of the words „Alster“ and „Alternativ“ is strong and easy to memorize.
2. Another strength is the product itself. Alternative offers Snap Backs in 4 different colors and special caps. In addition to that there are also notebooks, t-Shirts and bracelets which makes it attractive for potential consumers and target groups.
3. The packaging is very sustainable and unique and is handed out after every purchase. For caps, old shoe boxes are used and recycled with a new black coat and the white logo. For notebooks, T-shirts and further products, we use brown bags bags with the black logo on the
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The positive as well as the negative. Alternative is a potentially popular fashion brand and has a high demand. Applying the SWOT analysis on Alsternativ, it reveals the impact of its factors and attributes for futuristic predictions. Referring to the mission, it can be challenging to communicate the feeling that has its origin on the other side of the world. Another point is the question how to expand the brand with a low budget. One question the future holds the answer to, is whether the customer receives the aspects of the brand equity and is willing to pay a high price. Beside the competitors, the future threats can be t… Alsternativ is new: the consumer needs to catch the trend and stay loyal. Alsternativ needs to stay flexible enough to implementation of new products. To keep customers interested, Alsternativ still has to obey to consumer needs, new ideas and keep the message of an hansenativ lifestyle. In the end, the biggest challenge of Alsternativ is to keep peoples awareness and interest and stay attractive through a good and loyal

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