SWOT Analysis Of The Allied Bank: Swot Analysis

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SWOT Analysis: SWOT analysis is used as a tool with the help of this tool a company can check its current position over its competitors. This tool includes strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities. A company can use this tool for the betterment of the organization .if a company uses it in a better way it can lead well and can earn a lot of profit over its rivals. When a manager analysis the SWOT of the company he come to know the position of company so he can use the company’s resources in such a way that would increase the company strength and opportunities and decrease its weakness and threats. This is the only way a company uses and checks its performance over its competitors and increases its profitability. When the performance…show more content…
 During working on a project I noticed that the customers of the Allied bank facing networking problems regarding ATM. Competition pressure: Allied bank has tough competition pressure. Because there are many competitors in the market who are well established and very well reputed. They offer the same product and providing good services. So in this way Bank has a tough competition pressure. Financial pressure: For improving its current services and products Allied bank needs more capital and when they have enough capital it can improve its services and product and it will also help in capture the market share.  Bank facilitates and behaves nicely with good looking, rich, educated people and who have high investment while the bank does not behave nicely with its poor customers who have fewer investments in Allied bank so it is the weak point of Allied bank. To minimize this weakness bank should behave well with their poor customers. And the bank employees should try to behave equally with all the…show more content…
In the last few years the profit of Allied Bank Limited has increased continuously and this positive achievement is expecting in the future as well. Therefore I conclude that if the bank work on the above mentioned recommendations then its current position will be improved and it can serve its customer better as compared to its competitors. And I would say that the customer should also cooperate with the employee in any kind of issue. Only in this way the bank can lead. So that the overall performance of the bank will be improved. In this way the bank will able to compete with its competitors in the country and also at international level. Allied Bank Limited aims to maintain long term relationship with their existing customer therefore they are building profitable relation with their customers. Employees are the asset of the Allied Bank Limited so that to retain them Allied Bank management fully encourages and motivates their employees. Special packages reward, bounces and incentives are given to the deserving employees so that they show more interest towards the development of the Organization. And this also motivates the other employees. Allied Bank has cooperative staff and treat its customers in a good manner. The working environment is well organized. Management staff is very cooperative. In the last I would say that the Allied Bank has a very bright present and future as well.

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