SWOT Analysis Of Unilever

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The main objective of this report is to provide a broad understanding of Unilever “SWOT” analysis, business strategy and competitive advantage on the present situation in this Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry.
SWOT Analysis:
It should be noted that prior to analyzing Unilever strategies for competing in global markets, it is key to classify Unilever’s internal strengths and weaknesses and external opportunities and threats which are well recognized as a SWOT analysis. The purpose of this analysis is to illustrate if the Unilever company business situation support the performance of a healthy or unhealthy company in this current state in the consumer good industry 1) STRENGTHS:
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It is noted that consumer trend is moving into healthy foods and sustainable products. Consequently, this provides Unilever an opportunity to develop products to reach up to customers that fit and aligned with the company sustainable business strategy.
c) Increase production volume: Unilever have potential to increase production volumes to reach more customers in new markets. By increasing production volumes, the company could become for efficient utilizing their assets and increase their margin and be more profitable.
d) Social and environmental responsibility: Unilever had a great social and sustainable responsibility which is part of their business model. The opportunities are to continue reducing cost by minimizing waste and improving business efficiencies. In addition the company could find ways to develop new products in more sustainable manufacturing processes to benefit consumers as well as the
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a) Strong competitors: Unilever has strong competition worldwide by multinational companies like P&G, Nestle, and Colgate. These companies are also global companies with big market shares, huge product line and millions of customers.
b) Substitute product: As Unilever operates in more than 100 countries and there are a lots of substitute products available in the local market. Because of product quality and extensive R& D company charge higher prices for its products but the local products are much cheaper
Unilever has established its competitive advantage from its strong geographic footprint and outstanding delivery of consumers’ needs around the world. In addition, The key successful factor of Unilever is the continuing focus on innovation and product developments.
In Summary, Even in the current challenging economic environment, Unilever has managed to grow its business portfolio at a satisfactory rate .Therefore; Unilever needs to continue focus on strategically development a comparative advantage against emerging threats from a variety of global and regional

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