SWOT Analysis Of Virgin And Virgin's Marketing Strategy

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Table of Contents
1. Task 01 0
1.1. Strategic Comparison 0
1.2. SWOT Analysis 2
1.2.1. SWOT analysis of Starbuck Coffee 2
1.2.2. SWOT analysis of Starbuck Coffee 3
1.1. Porter 's five forces Analysis or PESTEL analysis 5
2. Task 02 8
2.1. Ansoff Matrix positioning 8
2.2. Commencement of each brand 8
2.3. Shift of Virgin group in Ansoff Matrix 9
2.4. Shift of Starbucks Corporation in Ansoff Matrix 9
3. Task 03 10
3.1. Virgin Group’s Strategy Canvas 10
3.2. Starbucks Company Strategy Canvas 10
4. Conclusion 11
5. References 11

1. Task 01
In this Assignment it is going to be analyzed the marketing strategies adopted by Starbuck Coffee and Virgin Group of companies. They have used, different strategies to expand the business activities.
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Premium pricing method apply and in that they charge comparatively higher price than other competitors.
The strategy of business expansion Diversification When expanding the business activities, they have highly concerned about the market such as European countries and other western countries, since they require those products than Asian countries.
Mother country United Kingdom. American
Promotions When promoting the products to the customers, they used “Virgin Group” brand name as marketing strategy. When promoting the products they used, they brand name since they have created reputed brand name over the past years.
HR strategy They also recruiting employees for the company, considered to recruit employees from the countries where they wants to expand the business activities. When recruiting employees for the company, they recruit employees from the country, in which they are going to operate.
Ownership Richard Branson, Nik Powell Founded by Jerry Baldwin, Zew Siegl and Gordon Bowker.
Growth strategy Diversification in to many industries. Growth is primarily based on the continuous innovation and quality of the products offered by the
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Those products offered high level in terms of market penetration. Since company provide range of products to the customers. Therefore, those products will enable them to provide range of innovative products to the customers. Most of the strategies with reference to the market penetration, it results to generate significant amount of revenue. In addition to that they will produce new innovative products to the new penetration market.
When promoting the products, they use, existing reputation as a promotional strategy. By doing so they try to achieve significant amount of market share in terms of new market.
When analyzing the shifting process of Starbuck with reference to Ansoff Metrix, it shows that it never go for diversification option where they don’t consider new markets and new products. They always provide hot and cold beverage items mainly coffee items. Firstly they consider market penetration strategy where they consider the existing product within the existing market. In that they always consider to sell the products at lower cost in order to attract grate customer base for the

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