Professional Communication Skills For Business Studies: SWOT Analysis

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Faculty of Business Studies
LB160: Professional Communication Skills for Business Studies
First Semester 2015-2016
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Academic Year - 2015-2016 Semester: Fall 2015-2016
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Course Title: Professional Communication Skills for Business Studies Course Code:LB160
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What makes SWOT principally controlling is that, with a small consideration, it can aid the company discover opportunities that it well-placed to make use of. And by considerate the weaknesses of the commerce that can be run and reduce threats. Strengths and weaknesses are often internal to your organization, while opportunities and threats generally relate to external factors.

Wendy’s is a large -foodstuff hamburger business in the world, this company has several strength that helps her to compete with other company in the same industry. The first one is that beside the similar stuff that other business present it also offered a number of unique foodstuffs “such as Frostys and Spicy Chicken Sandwiches, as well as various healthy alternatives like salads, baked potatoes and even chili.” The second strong point was the corporation Super Value Menu was certainly one of its strongest asset. Wendy’s draw more attention to product value and merchandise increasing by offering its Garden Sensations, a new variety of new, healthy salads. Finally Wendy’s know how to differentiate themselves by presenting t a exclusive fast-food
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The second one was the problem of not having easily identifiable merchandise like” McDonald’s Big Mac or Burger King’s Whopper.”The last one was that the company ignored the change in buyer preferences from internal dining to drive-through windows at its restaurants. It did not answer well to shift in customer preference which soon begins causing as threats to the business. Another threat was that burger king began to present a number of things that give it s one step from other competitors. .As for the opportunities the corporation intended to gradually “more use acquisitions of smaller brands and joint ventures as the primary driver of future growth” another one is was that Wendy’s had grown-up by acquiring quite a few minor companies such as Tim Horton’s

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