SWOT Analysis: Stag Case

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Q1. In Stag Case Study, the 3 key factors to impact on the business in the future can be discussed in two theories, namely SWOT and PESTEL.

The SWOT analysis is a structured planning way to assess the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats likely to impact on strategy development for analyses to identify the competition environment.

Strengths are internal origins that offer an area to enumerate everything done right one by one or as an organisation. In this case, in 2011Stag is treated as one of the most popular Indian sports brand in table tennis in worldwide, No.1 table tennis equipment manufacturer in Indian, top 5 in global and low cost of operations, more easily for generating fund to expand business for more profit. It make consumer according to Stag’s reputation to buy Stag’s products.

Weaknesses are internal origins that trait place project or business a disadvantage relative to others. Stag does not invested any after sales/service mechanism. Any faulty goods replacement one-for-one, that impacts for Stag’s revenue, because if Stag invests after sales/ service it can avoid using a lot of funds to return of the damaged goods.

Opportunities are external origin that factors that the project could utilize to its merit. The case shows that more and more Indian chase 'lifestyles ' and aware the issue of fitness, it makes Stag can following this tendency to research and development diversify products to fulfil consumer wants.

Treats are external factors

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