SWOT Analysis: Strengths And Weakness Of The Whole Foods Market

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SWOT Analysis
Strengths and Weakness Whole Foods Market implements a decentralized structure, wherein they give responsibility to their team leaders to decide on certain actions. It is the strength of WFM.O since the team members, states and regions store can address and accommodate quickly the concerns of their stakeholders without waiting for the instructions of the top management. Having a decentralized structure also empowers their employees and boosts the moral of the whole company (Kokemuller, 2015), which in turn will develop empowered employees, and will encourage a productive and motivated organization to achieve the company goals together. Whole Foods Market is also supported and accredited by complementary industries such as: Health Industry, Health Insurance Companies, Health Care Specialists, Fitness Centers and Wellness Programs (Friesner, 2014), to assure and ensure the customers of their product quality and sustainability. It is also a strength of the company that they are advocates of green environment and committed to provide the community with high quality natural and organic products, which is new to the industry trend nowadays. Lastly, it is one of the strengths of the company that they have already built the reputation for having the biggest selection of healthy organic foods in the supermarket worldwide (i.e. United Kingdom, Canada and United States) and for providing the best customer service and accessibility to their store locations. However,

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