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INTRODUCTION • Research background With a mixture of fresh ingredients, a whole lot of customer service, and a dash of innovation, the SUBWAY® brand continues to be the leader of providing nutritious and delicious sandwiches the whole family will love (Pradhan 2007, p.402). And in the end of 2010, Subway had 33,749 restaurants worldwide, compared to McDonald’s 32,737 ( 2011). • Company profile SUBWAY restaurants first ventured outside North America when the first location opened in the small Middle Eastern island nation of Bahrain in December of 1984; since then, the SUBWAY concept has gone around the world, with restaurants opening from Argentina to Zambia. As of 15 June 2012, Subway has 36979 Restaurants in 100 Countries with 106 Restaurants in Malaysia; the restaurants are committed to offering high quality food and exceptional service. The SUBWAY brand is famous for its made-to-order sandwiches and salads.…show more content…
Subways menu already serve healthier choices meals, and the rest of menu contains many calories and accompanied of soft drinks. Internal Analysis • Strengths The largest fast food restaurant in the world by number of outlets. Subways company operates more than other fast food restaurants in the world. Choices of the healthier meals. They offer the low calories food, fresh and nutritious food, which you cannot find in other fast food stores. • Weakness The interior design of outlets look cheap. Because of that would welcome everyone stay and feel more comfortable than other competitors. ORGANIZING Organizing is to determine what tasks are to be done, who is to do them, how the tasks are grouped, who reports to whom, and where decision is to be done. Then managers need to create the structure of working condition between the colleague that allows them to work together comfortably and achieve the organization goals. An organizational structure is the result from organizing. • Specialization and

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