SWPPP Violations

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The three most important tasks I regularly perform is taking care of SWPPP (Stormwater Pollution Prevent Plan), creating weekly work plans, and running the daily huddles with all the subcontracotrs. It’s my responsibily to make sure to do SWPPP inspections twice a week, and fix any problems that can lead to violations. As for weekly work plans, I have to collect every subcontractors’ tasks for the following meek, and put it into an excel sheet so we can go over it at the foreman’s meeting with the senior superintendent. Using the weekly work plans, I go through every single task and ask each subcontractor’s foreman if they completed it during the daily huddles. All three tasks are assigned by the senior superitendent. The assignmnets themselves as week as their priority are dispensed either by up close and personal, or during a meeting.…show more content…
Failing a SWPPP inspection can caused the project to shut down depending on how many violations were done and if nothing is being done to prevent them. If the weekly work plans are not done, then it can lead to a pointless foreman meeting. The senior superitendent would not be able to see what’s going on in his project, and will also be bad on me for not doing them on time. By not showing to the daily huddles, then one of the three site superitendent will take over if I’m not able to make

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