Sañador Film Review

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This film shows the issues that most fathers have with their children now in days. Do to our financial living most parts have to work more hours and not have enough time to spend it with their family. An aspect of the film is its meaningful themes, which include working together as a family and encouraging others to pursue their interests by using their abilities. Perhaps most central to the film, however, is the value of doing something for someone else above the pursuit of personal gain. Ben, a horse trainer who takes his work very seriously, neglects his precocious daughter while he pours his heart into the care of the horses that he trains.This neglect towards his daughter is damaging her. Cale his daughter is close with her grandfather because she loves to hear stories of her father as a child, it makes her feel closer to him. Determined to…show more content…
Lily responds that Soñador is the best thing that has ever happened to them, alluding to the fact that Ben is finally spending much-needed time with Cale. Frustrated, Ben says that if Cale wasn 't there the day when Soñador was hurt, he would have let her be put down. After hearing that from her father, she gets upset and feels that it’s her fault that they might lose the house and wants to run away with the horse. Once her father realizes that she heard him and sees her getting on the horse, he saves her and this act brings the father and daughter a little closer together. At a parent-teacher night, Ben reads a story that Cale wrote about a King and his horse, and realizes how much their family needs Soñador. Ben gives ownership to his daughter and this shows that he cares about her more than she thinks. The film teaches us that having a relationship with our children is very import and shouldn 't be taken for grate with the chance is giving. By working together like a faimly the scusseed and won the
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