Saacme Pharmaceuticals Case Study

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Situation Definition.
Nicholas Wentworth, the director of public relations at Samacme Pharmaceuticals, which is one of the largest manufacturers of prescription drugs, is interested in getting involved in cyber communication with the costumers through the company’s website. The company suffered from plenty of attacks from anonymous users around the web. However, this was amended by the fact that Wentworth regarded the internet as a great way to improve the company’s marketing and public relations area. Samacme had already succeeded in the market thanks to the way Wentwoth and his team have handled the television and magazine advertising.
Now, Wentworth thought that the idea of using low-cost technology to communicate directly through the web
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It is important to see the two sides of this argument in order to weigh the consequences. First of all, the idea of spying on people or getting information without consent has never been considered ethical/the right thing to do, even when there has been enough reasons to justify it in other cases. This might compromise the company’s integrity and image with their customers. With this in mind, it is important to mention that even though some net browsers put this into practice, the information they acquire is less personal and the ads are directed in a more general way depending on the demographic. Moreover, people don’t blame those networks because they mostly advertise things that they had looked up online, which some people might find useful. In this case, the data collected for this company would be about people’s health, which makes the information more personal and confidential, and the ads would be directed to them specifically which could even become disturbing at one point. Thus, it could damage the company’s image, which has already been attacked on the internet multiple times. Futhermore, it is important to add that the company has been doing well without carrying out of these…show more content…
If someone had access to this information, it would be very possible for them to figure this public figure’s identity, along with other information that they’d probably would not like to make public, making them one of the most affected group of people. Also, there is a social stigma around some illnesses, which could make some people uncomfortable to reveal them. Receiving an advertisement about that stigmatized illness could make people upset and make them wonder about how Samacme Pharmaceuticals could have known about it. The moral agent in this case (Wentworth) should also have in mind that the company might suffer from backlash if their customers find out about this practice. Which would be likely since they would be using ¨unsecured websites¨ as a data source. This is especially risky for an industry leader such as Samacme since they have a bigger duty to protect their customers’ data than other small companies. This would also affect directly the shareholders that have invested in the company’s
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