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In E-Commerce and Operations Research in Airline Planning, Marketing, and Distribution by Barry C. Smith, Dirk P. Günther, B. Venkateshwara Rao and Richard M. Ratliff, the authors talk about how the airline industry pioneered the e-commerce principles in terms of travelling. What started as a platform for exchange of information amongst businesses turned into GDP building machinery. The airline industry has used several derivative models to understand the patterns in consumer travel behaviour. Around forty years ago, the Sabre online reservation system was developed by American Airlines to keep a track of travel ticket bookings, as the amount of reservations made in a day kept increasing. This system has now given rise to several sophisticated…show more content…
Infomediaries are web-based market makers that leverage the Internet to bring together buyers and sellers in niche markets, charging commissions for the products they help move... Sabre-type infomediaries took in $290 million in 1998. By 2002,... that number will grow to $20 billion” (Malik,1999). With technology like Sabre in picture the airline industry had enough information in terms of suppliers, global distribution systems, travel database etc. to create a market place which almost had perfect information regarding schedules and fares which incepted the idea of e-commerce in travel industry (Smith, Gunther, Rao, Ratliff, 2001).
The increase in travel also
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In Digitalization –A New Innovation Wave in India by Vijay Kumar Kaul, the author talks about the recent Digitalization initiative taken up by the Prime Minister of India. July 1st, 2015 was declared as the Digital India week, which commemorates the era of innovation and technology which is bringing people closer, connecting them and making information available to all. The author in this paper tries to point out that how digitalisation can help curb the issues like poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, health care and also the development of the country if used in the right way and with precaution. Several socio-economic issues can also be solved with the perfect usage of digital

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