Sacagawea Research Paper

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Born the daughter of her proud Shoshone chief in Idaho Sacagawea is her name meaning bird women when I turned twelve was when everything I knew and loved was taken away from me. The Hidatsa Indians killed all the men, women and boys at our tribe. Only young women like Sacagawea and her friend Naya Nuki, as they went to their village in North Dakota we worked as their slaves. In Great Falls, Montana I bought a condo there several years ago… the Lewis and Clark expedition learned for a route through the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Ocean. Sacagawea was the women who led the two men. A Hidatsa Indian family sold me when I turned thirteen to a fun trapper name Toussaint Charbonneau life with Toussaint was no better a brutal man who tied Manitoba…show more content…
She took them to Boreman pass. She provided much more than a guide and interpreter for their expedition. She kept negotiations with tribes encountered peaceful. For women were never present in war parties. The men would have died without her knowledge of camas roots. As she fed them so they would gain there energy to continue their journey along the Missouri river. Sacagawea died at the age of 24 not certain for the circumstances of her death. She named a chief of commence tribes died in her Shoshone tribe. Clark invited them to move with them to Missouri in1809, he then enrolled her son in a boarding school she was more than happy. He was to be educated like a white man. A year later her daughter Lizette was born to her soon after Sacagawea became ill and suffered a putrid fever. Fifteen men were killed in an Indian attack near the Bighorn River. Sacagawea’s daughter Lizette, was among the few. Jean-Baptiste Charbonneau famous son who travelled with the explorers to the Pacific Ocean and back. The nephew of King Freidrich I Wilhelm Karl of Württemberg, became best friends. The prince took him to Europe where Jean-Baptiste lived among
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