Comparing Sacagawea's Contribution To The Lewis And Clark Expedition

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although not much is known about the time when Sacagawea was young, it is believed that she was born around 1788 in Lehmi River Valley, Idaho of her Shoshone village.Her exact death year is unknown. Some say she lived until 1884, dying in a southern indian tribe, after leaving her abusive husband. Other people say she died in 1812, shortly after giving birth to her daughter. Sacagawea was captured during war between her Northern Shoshone Tribe and the Hidatsas from the Metaharta, North Dakota, Knife River Village between the ages of 12 and 14. Before that, she was told to be a part of the Agaiduka or the Salmon Eater Band in her original tribe. After her capture, she was sold to the French-Canadian Toussaint Charbonneau, who was a fur trader…show more content…
This information is derived from the journal left behind by William Clark. Sacagawea married Toussaint Charbonneau, who bought Sacagawea, before Lewis and Clark showed up at Fort Mandan, in 1804, to take shelter durring winter. At the fort, they hired Toussaint Charbonneau as a translator of their expedition. They asked him to bring one of his Native American wives in hopes of them knowing the…show more content…
Her different spellings consist of; Sakakawea, Tsakakawea, Sacajowa, and Saykijawee, Sacagawea Sahcargarweah, and Sacajawea.Sacagawea was known as Bird Woman, Boat Pusher, Chief Woman, Lost Woman, and Grass Woman in different tribes across the Louisiana perchase territory.Her nickname on the expidition was Janey, this was given to her by William Clark due to her inspiring strength and serviceSacagawea not only attended an important expedition of the Louisiana Territory with her husband, child, Lewis, and clark, but she also was looked up to by many Native Americans and Lewis and Clark themselves. Her peaceful and determined efforts on the Lewis and Clark expedition gravely helped the mission become a success. Sacagawea is a symbol of femininity and strength of minorities due to her role as a cultural interprator in the expedition. Due to this, they put her on the dollar coin in 2000. The fact that Sacagawea took care of an infant child on a journey accross the country is inspiring to me. Having to take care of yourself, your child, and make sure 3 other people are well fed and hydrated seems a very hard. Many things could have gone wrong. Not just that, but being able to peacfully nogotiate and communicate with tribes throught the area would be a difficult task, yet she

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