Sacajawea Accomplishments

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Sacajawea was one of the most influential people in the exploration of the west coast. Sacajawea was a native american woman living in 18th and 19th centuries. Americans today know nothing certain about this brave woman. The only information that Americans have about sacajawea is from the diaries and journals of Lewis and Clark. Sacagawea was born in around 1786 in Idaho or Montana as a lemhi shoshone woman. Some historians believe that Sacagawea died shortly after giving birth to her daughter, lisette, in 1812. Others believe that she re-joined the shoshone after the expedition, and died in 1884. Sacajawea’s childhood was certainly not ideal. The shoshone indians were constantly being chased by the hidatsa indians. Therefore, sacajawea was…show more content…
She joined an expedition organized by thomas jefferson and helped Meriwether lewis and william clark explore parts of the western USA. This is a major accomplishment because no woman before had done such a great feat. Sacajawea brought many great things to the expedition. For example, she showed a token of peace to other tribes as the group traveled. Without sacajawea, the group would have been killed of by natives. On the journey, Sacajawea’s husband, Toussaint Charbonneau, nearly capsized in a dugout boat. Quickly and calmly, she saved important papers, instruments, medicine, and other valuables. Without this, the mission would have had to turn back. Sacajawea also voted at a campground on where to sleep. Although this does not seem majorly important, it had a greater significance. Sacajawea was the first woman to vote, ever, and she would be the only one for many more decades. Lastly, sacajawea guided the group through places she knew from her childhood. As Lewis said, “She assures us that we shall either find her people in this river or on the river immediately west”. This quote accurately describes the leadership role in guiding she held during the expedition. Although sacajawea was a great help in the mission, she also faced great challenges. Mainly, survival was a challenge. Sacajawea faced many hardships that could have cost her life. For example, during the expedition, she got very ill, to the point of near death. Many…show more content…
Firstly, she taught them that one can do anything no matter race, age, gender, etc. At the time, most women were at home, doing chores. I was not expected of any woman to do something like this. It was certainly not expected because sacajawea was native american. Sacajawea also influenced many lives. For example, this writer is a girl who grew up on the west coast. Without sacajawea, she would probably not have the same childhood. Also, this writer would not have the ability to vote when she is 18 years old. Americans remember that sacajawea helped find the western land and gain women's voting rights. This woman left an everlasting legacy on society. This legacy was that she broke through many barriers and stereotypes. Sacajawea showed everybody that she was who she was and was not sorry for that and the did many thing to further the enrichment of this country. Americans today are by far better off because of sacajawea. Just think about all of the things that she did and where this country would be without those
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