Sacajawea Analysis

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Ranim Elsafi 712 Sacajawea Lewis and Clark will be lost without me. Sacajawea was a Lemhi Shoshone woman who helped the Lewis and Clarks Expedition. She was sixteen year old who traveled more than four thousand miles by foot, canoe, boat, and horse. She led Lewis and Clark through the American West. In the stories “Sacajawea” by Kathleen Krull and “A picture book of Sacajawea” by David Adler all connect to the theme and central idea. The Theme in these books and the theme I learned from Sacajawea is to follow your dream girl or not just like Sacajawea discovered something very intriguing and cool. The main idea in “A picture book of Sacajawea” is showing you how Sacajawea met Lewis and Clark and how she helped them throughout
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