Sacayán's Argumentative Essay

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The LGBT Argentinian activist Amancay Diana Sacayán was murdered after failing to attend the 30th National Women’s Meeting in Mar del Plata. Her friends became distraught after phone calls were left unanswered. When the owner of the building was alerted, he/she found her deceased body inside her apartment with the door open and the entire premise ruined. The police believe that Sacayán knew the assailant(s) that came into her apartment and stabbed her multiple times leading to her death. There were signs of self-defense but unfortunately she did not make it. A Buenos Aires prosecutor is questioning witnesses who claim to have seen a single man enter Sacayáns apartment over the weekend. However, some witnesses claim to have seen a couple visiting her. Some background information is given about Sacayán, she was the co-leader of the…show more content…
In the first couple days of becoming president, Macri has already presented Argentina with his expectations of his economic and foreign policy. This new government is taking office on December 10th, 2015. It only took Macri a couple of hours after his presidency to take action. He got in touch with Mercosur customs union and trade bloc resulting in a prolonging of Venezuela on various counts “including persecution of the opposition” and human rights abuses as well as freedom of expression. Macri wants to create a stronger relationship with the European Union and the Pacific Alliance trade bloc that includes Peru, Colombia, Chile, and Mexico. This article also touches on the risk status of Argentina as well as the Ministry of Energy and Mines. Argentina is going to open up negotiations with the “holdout” bondholders in order to be able to pay interest without the fear of the payments being seized against the amount claimed by the holdouts. In regards to mining, for the first time it will have ministerial representation in the
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