Sacha Baron Cohen In The Brothers Grimby

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To say Sacha Baron Cohen is a controversial figure is like pointing out humans require water in order to survive. After all, we are talking about the man that has become synonymous for radically contentious roles – as seen in Brüno, The Dictator, and everyone’s favorite, Borat. And, I’m guessing his devoted followers are hoping for more of the same in the new film, The Brothers Grimby.

Well, if that’s true, you’re in luck Sacha fans…

In The Brothers Grimsby, directed by Louis Leterrier (The Transporter, Now You See Me), Sacha Baron Cohen stars as Nobby – a devoted family man that spends his days drinking in England (in the town of Grimsby) pubs and watching soccer (or football if that’s what you’d prefer to call it).

Since his adolescence, Nobby has been separated from his younger brother, Sebastian (Mark Stong), who’s grown up to be a professional spy in
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Still, Nobby does his very best, in spite or a barrage of setbacks, to help Sebastian track down the real shooter – a fully trained thug, named Lukashenko (Scott Adkins).

All right, I think it’s fair to say we don’t need to spend a whole lot of time discussing the acting in this film. I will say that, while Borat is still my favorite Sacha Coren character, he does do a commendable job as Nobby – and trust me, that even felt wrong to utter. But, Cohen is good at what he does – with his nonsensical, horribly offensive barrage of head-shaking scenarios.

For the vast majority of the film, I’m looking at Cohen’s appearance in the film and thinking – I wonder if he’s supposed to resemble Liam Gallagher (former Oasis frontman)… To make a long story short, if you also happened to be thinking the same exact thing – the credits are the payoff. That’s right, folks, amongst those being snubbed in The Brothers Grimsby is none other than England’s favorite meltdown machine, Liam
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