Sack Pack Program Analysis

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Boxes upon boxes of food are everywhere. It is time to carry out operation Sack Pack Program at West Sioux High School. Four adults and ten students prepare to form an assembly line to make 350 sack packs for students in need, from kindergarten to twelfth grade. These students in need could go hungry over the weekend if it was not for these sack packs, which provide nutritious, healthy food. I had the privilege of speaking to one of the sack pack program directors. Brenda, who has been participating in this Sack Pack Program since it started six years ago, is a justice seeker who helps feed students over the weekend. A justice seeker is a person who fights for change on behalf of others by finding and acting upon injustices, and that is exactly…show more content…
We can find many opportunities to volunteer right here in the communities of Sioux County. In Hawarden, there is a Community Food Pantry that is held in a church once or twice a month that could use volunteers. This stops the injustice of our neighbors going without food. There is also a Community Supper held every month by another church in town. While this might not look like a justice seeking opportunity at first glance, it can be a big factor in bringing love and friendship into someone’s life. This supper stops the injustice of loneliness. Within the county, many more opportunities are available to seek out injustices and bring justice to those situations. Being a role model for all justice seekers, Brenda helped start the Sack Pack Program for students who can otherwise go hungry over the weekend. Along with thirteen others, she has made a huge impact on these students’ lives, and has had many benefits of her own. Being a justice seeker comes with many obstacles, but by God’s grace, we are able to see His providence through every situation, and give all the glory and honor to Him. We can find many opportunities within our own communities to be justice seekers. We can start just like packaging a sack pack, taking one step at a
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