Sacred Places In Native America

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Sacred places can be considered sacred for a few reasons. Whether a god inhabits the site, maybe the god created the place, or may just have paid the site a visit. Sacred sites can also gain a spiritual connection from a historic religious person such as Muhammed or Jesus Christ. Birth and death places of saints and prophets are also considered sacred. These sites can also be places where relics are found such as a splinter from the cross or a bone from an apostle. These sites also gain notoriety in a scared sense if visit by an apparition (Super,50). One thing that is for certain is that the sacred must present itself to a person. Sacred sites for Native Americans are scattered across the Americas. The names and locations have been lost over the centuries. Native Americans hold a special connection to land. Life comes from the land and returns to it after death. Land could help sustain…show more content…
It became sacred in the relation to the prophet Muhammed and his life in Mecca. There are sacred sites that hold more meaning within Mecca such as Kaaba, which is the house of Allah. All Muslims hold an obligation to visit Mecca during their lifetime. This is known as the hajj, which is all carefully regulated and laid out for each pilgrim. This includes the number of days they spend, from the month to travel, they are also expected to abstain from the same foods, and wear loose fitting white outfits. The hajj leads all Muslims to be equal under God’s eye for a short period, income and education, doesn’t matter in that moment. Each comparison does have one similar quality, the respect for land. While Mecca is a more specific area it is still respected as Native Americans, or tribesman in Africa respect all land and animals. Differences, can be seen in the actually pilgrimage to different places such as in Mecca. Native Americans and Africans didn’t have to travel as far to worship and respect the circle of

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