Sacred Places Research Paper

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Since ancient times sacred places had mysterious attraction to millions of people . 2.5 million people visit Santiago de Compostela each year . Many say it 's the beauty of the land the rich soil , and grassy smells . But A sacred place is a place that is thought of as consecrated or holy to a particular religion . Sacred places are important to many because of the encouragement they get to move on forward or the worship they have with their “God” . It is good to know about sacred places because they aren 't just a place to think and spend time . Santiago de Compostela is a sacred place that is well known for its beautiful Cathedral which helps one 's connect with the late Apostle St.James . Santiago de Compostela is located in Spain . It is near the conjunction of the Sar and Sarela Rivers. It is 32 miles southwest of Coruna city. In 813 CE a tomb stone was discovered which appeared to be the tomb of Apostle St. James. Bones were taken to spain where he was spreading the gospel . They began building things one by one . The Asturias built a church over tombstone . Which was then replaced by another structure . The town surrounding(Santiago de Compostela) became the essential “christian place of Pilgrimage after Jerusalem and Rome.” “ In 1078 Cathedral was begun by order of Alfonso VI of Leon and Castle.”This Building was located at east end of Plaza del Obradoiro . The Obradoiro was built(1735-50) by Fernando Casas y Novoa . A Beautiful feature of the inside is the Portico de Gloria , a tripartite porch behind Obradoiro which shows a…show more content…
In Conclusion sacred places are encouragement to many . Remember sacred places aren 't just a place to spend time with friends it 's more like the place to connect with your “god”. The Cathedral a beautiful sacred place located in Santiago de Compostela helps one’s link with their late Apostle St.James This research was to show / help one’s understand how important sacred places are and why . Maybe you can go and visit one one
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