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St Aloysius church, Cronulla is a spacious and grand church. Upon entering the church there is an inside vestibule or narthex which is the width of the church itself, on the right side of this there is a seperate room separated with glass doors and walls, this room is used for confessions and to hold extra people when the mass is full. The nave is separated from this area with glass walls, so the congregation can watch and be present when the pews are full, entering the nave there are five rows of pews all slightly diagonal so that they are directed towards the altar.

The altar is raised from the ground floor sightly by four steps, which stretch in a semi-circle towards both sides of the apse (wall behind the altar). The apse has a large
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These characteristics interact in this sacred space to create dynamic, living religious tradition in ways such as, the physical space of the church, which allows the adherents during ceremonies and masses to gather and face the altar, the tabernacle and the crucifix which reinforces the purpose of the mass through visual representation of Christ's son, and his body and blood, reminding us of why he died on the cross and why we ultimately strive to be good…show more content…
Although it is taught in christianity that god will hear you when you pray to him no matter where you are, some individuals may feel a strengthened connection to God when they choose to pray or reflect on their own lives inside a church as opposed to somewhere else such as a workplace or home environment.

Relevance of the sacred space to the community
A sacred space can play an integral role in community direction and development. A sacred space allows a community to come together to express their need of spiritual nourishment. The sacred space of the church can help an individual connect to a place of belonging, and this bolonging is what creates a community.

When all these people feel the the same connection and sense of belonging to this church they gain direction, in relevance to not only their own lives, but direction towards God and how to live as God wants them to. By gaining this direction and purpose, the scriptures, prayers and songs which are heard during the mass are made clearer and more relevant, meaning they are easier to understand, easier to think about and easier to live

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