Sacred Spirit Reflection Analysis

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The next stimulus we used was a piece of music from the CD Sacred Spirit. Our class split into two groups: the Sioux people in the village and the American Soldiers in their barracks. The Sioux people were happy and joyful as the previous evening they had been celebrating killing the buffalo, whilst the soldiers were preparing to massacre them. Each of us had our own personality, for example I was a reluctant devout Christian soldier, Sam was eager to kill the Sioux, James was the Sioux chief and Molly B was a Sioux who was washing clothes. We devised this piece with the help of Mrs Allsopp. The piece started with the soldiers in the barracks and a normal day in the Sioux village. Throughout the piece, we used slow motion (moving slower than usual time) and mime (drama without words) to show both the daily lives of the Sioux- picking fruit, cooking and washing clothes- and the fearful preparation of the soldiers for battle, doing various things such as praying, polishing boots, reading the bible, and writing letters, and also to emphasize the movements and create dramatic tension. When we were in the barracks, we used various levels, such as kneeling, sitting and standing to capture the feel of what it was like in the barracks. We also used facial expressions to show our character; one person who was particularly good at this was Patrice, who played a Sioux picking fruit. She used her facial expressions to show she was enjoying the sun and the day, and later to show her

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