Sacred Violence In Shirley Jackson's The Lottery

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Bailey, Ted. "Sacred Violence in Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery." British and American Studies 20 (2014): 37,42,203. ProQuest. Web. 10 Nov. 2016. In this article Ted Bailey addresses multiple interpretations of “The Lottery” and uses these varying theories to provide his own, somewhat contrasting, interpretation. Bailey suggests that the ritual of the lottery serves to control the inherent violence of humans through the use of a scapegoat. This article offers a different perspective than some of the other articles I have seen. I can use this article to add some contrast to my paper, potentially creating an opposing argument. Griffin, Amy A. "Jackson's 'The Lottery'." Explicator 58.1 (1999): 44-46. MLA International Bibliography. Web. 10 Nov.
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