What Is Sacrifice In A Tale Of Two Cities

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Everyone has had to sacrifice at an instance in their life. Some people do not even notice that they do it. However, when giving your own life to help people you care about that is a selfless act that is usually thought about. In Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities, a primary theme is sacrifice. Sydney Carton decides he is going to sacrifice himself so that Lucie Manette’s husband, Charles Darnay, may be allowed to live. Charles Darnay is to be executed, but before the prisoners are transported to the site of the execution Sydney Carton switches places with Charles Darnay so that he will be executed instead of Charles Darnay; this is possible because Sydney Carton and Charles Darnay share a very similar appearance. Sacrifice is something that everyone experiences in life but it is also very different how every person experiences it. Members of the military are sacrificing their time, freedoms, and possibly their lives to help serve and protect the United States. Devoting a life to the military takes more sacrifice than many people believe. When joining the military a person technically does not not lose any rights; however, members of the army are held to a more strict code of conduct. For example, when joining the army, the right to say anything a person wants is lost. If a member is insubordinate to an officer…show more content…
Many young people see it right to sacrifice their time and possibly their life to the armed forces to keep peace within the United States and help to end other world conflicts. Even though the sacrifices may be relatively small, relationships require a degree of sacrifice for success. Lastly, those who are less fortunate might have to make sacrifices to keep out of debt and eliminate some expenses. A sacrifice someone makes can touch the lives of one or tens of thousands and is important to the way of human
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