Sacrifice In Crispin's The Awakening

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When Crispin finds a living person, he got the urge to go up to him. He is forced to promise to stay with this new man, Bear, and that was his first, with many to follow, discovery that he madekes. In order for Bear to keep Crispin in a servile way, he made Crispin swear “on the sacred name of Jesus” (chp. 18 pg 81). Also, when Bear discovers that Crispin has a cross made of lead, Bear demands to see it, and he reads the writing on the side, refusing to tell Crispin what it said. He helps Crispin realize what he is really capable of, like when Bear attempted to teach Crispin how to sing, saying that even though birds don’t have souls they can sing plenty well, so Crispin could sing as well. This section of the book showed a lot of courage coming…show more content…
He discovers a whole new world out there, because he sees a multitude of different people, and more food than he’s ever seen before! He discovered a whole new world from the village he began in. It’s the experience of a lifetime, because he traveled downtown, and saw the greatest citadel possible. Once night came though, Crispin was lost after trying to leave the city and have eternal freedom. Thankfully, Bear found him before he was caught by the night watchmen. John Aycliffe is determined to kill Crispin, because when Crispin finally gets his cross of lead read, he realizes he is the son of Lord Furnival, who died and didn’t have a successor. Bear and Crispin are hunted down, but Crispin had been through so many things, that he gathered enough courage to kill John Aycliffe, and gain freedom into the world. At the end of this well-written, adventurous novel, Crispin’s life will never be the same, because it’s almost impossible to imagine how far Crispin has gone, from being a small, useless serf with no family except for his mother, to realizing that he had the power to do anything, being Lord Furnival’s son! Crispin has been through many hardships, but the outcome is too good for him to want to go
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