Sacrifice In Gran Torino

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A classic film, Gran Torino, which was released on December 12, 2008 and directed by award winning director Clint Eastwood, displays an emotional yet drama filled story based in the outskirts of Detroit, Michigan, in a rundown town. This film shows a multiplicity of similarities to a short story written by author Joyce Carol Oates in the year 1996 titled, Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? This short story primarily focuses on a 15-year-old girl named Connie who is obsessed with herself and her appearance. One day Connie finds herself in a less than pleasing situation after a man that she does not know very well, named Arnold Friend, shows up to her home and pressures her into leaving with him; which she complies to leave everything behind in order to protect her family from any harm.
The film Gran Torino displays an act of sacrifice by main character Walt Kowalski. Walt’s recently moved in next door neighbors are the Lor family, whom are Hmong’s: an ethnic group derived from the mountains of Southeast Asia. Originally, Walt is not too fond of his new neighbors, because Walt was in the Vietnam war, so those type of people bring back bad memories for him. Eventually, Walt begins to
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The main character Connie, at first didn’t like family at all and was always bothered by them just like Walt and the Lor family. Connie eventually is put into a situation where the man trying to take her named Arnold Friend threatens her family if she doesn’t go with him. Connie then realized what her family means to her and how much she loves them, just like Walt eventually caring for the Lor family. Connie eventually gives in to Arnold Friend and goes with him leaving everything behind and not knowing what will happen to her. Connie sacrificed herself for her family to be safe and not have to deal with the consequences just like Walt did in the film Grand
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