Sacrifice In Homer's Odyssey

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Since the beginning, men have worshipped higher beings. Elaborate stories of the gods and humanity have been passed down through generations; and Homer’s ‘Odyssey’ is an excellent example of this relationship. _________ . The Odyssey’s themes of sacrifice and revenge depict this relationship as both beneficial and detrimental, and necessary for mankind.

Though they had other business to attend to,the gods made time to help mortals and vice versa. Favoritism was often shown to humans, for example: ‘At his command, then, “Ho!” they all let fly / as one man. But Athena spoiled their shots.’(22.281-82) Leading the suitors, Agelaos would have killed at least one of Odysseus’ allies if Athena had not intervened and redirected the spears elsewhere.
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All their afflictions come from us, we hear. And what of their own failings?” (page 2). The gods, although they are powerful, cannot prevent every wrongful decision made by man, yet men do not blame themselves but turn to supernatural causes…show more content…
The citizens of Pylos sacrificed a total of 81 bulls because they don’t want the gods to smote them but also because they believe that despite the ‘god’s mistakes’, they still know what’s best for humanity.

Randomly scattered throughout the text, epithets show the powers the gods have compared to mortals; for example, ______________people in ancient Greece lived in fear that any beggar could be a god or goddess in disguise, forcing them to act kindly at all times. The Greeks valued hospitality highly because of this.

The mutually beneficial relationship between gods and humanity both bolstered Odysseus’ passage home. One quote that shows this is -----’’-’-’’________Without Zeus Athena and the other gods, Odysseus would never have left Kalypso’s island or made it back to Ithaka alive. By boasting about taking Polyphemus’ eye out, he evoked his own misfortune. Poseidon avenged his son by trying to prevent Odysseus from returning home guiding him towards many dangerous
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