Sacrifice In J. Herbert's The Backwards

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In a narrative that spans a gamut of emotions, Author JJ Herbert's The Backwards K portrays the captivating story of a once heralded baseball great's fall from grace, and his poignant journey to his better self. At the pinnacle of his career Baseball great Jet Brine, was beloved and admired by baseball fans everywhere, until a twist of fate causes his downfall. It's game 7 in the world series, he's up at bat during a crucial moment for both himself and his teammates and he strikes out, essentially experiencing a backwards K moment, which meant more than just losing the all important world series for his team, it meant his life was to be forever altered with the memories of that moment haunting ant taunting him. Author Herbert craftily, evokes…show more content…
His self centered disposition, gambling problem, and ultra focus on being a baseball great brought him to that sad juncture within his own family dynamic. Consequently, Jet had to go from being a superstar to a regular guy with a regular job and in the process deal with the demons of his past to get to his better self, his journey carries weight, it is emotion ridden, insightful, gripping, and inspirational, and fraught with moments that will draw a tear as well as make you cheer. Altogether The Backwards K was an excellent read that I found wholly entertaining and enjoyable. Author JJ Herbert is a well honed storyteller, who did a superb job of creating a narrative that instantly draws the reader into the emotion ridden world of Jet Brine. He espouses a crisp, and articulate writing style that keeps you affected, engaged and curious about the characters and the story's path. I enthusiastically recommend this book, it is well worth the
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