Sacrifice In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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Of george And Lennie Everyone in the world, all the time, people experience unfairness in life, rather than experiencing fairness or even equality for that matter. To some of us, life may even seem more unfair than it is completely fair. The sacrifices you make in your life will determine your future. Of Mice and Men shows how making a sacrifice may be difficult, but it will typically pay off in the long run. We can see in Of Mice and Men several examples of sacrifices that are made for the well being of someone. An example of this is presented throughout the entire novel, and that is George sacrificing like 85% of his time to watch and take care of Lennie. George states many times in the story that he would be much better living without Lennie, as he quotes on page 11, “If I was alone I could live so easy.” He also says that taking care of Lennie makes things go wrong and cause trouble, when he quotes on page …show more content…

Although it doesn’t sound like a sacrifice, it is. George had to kill Lennie to avoid being confronted by Curley and Carlson, who were both set on killing Lennie themselves. George knows that when he kills Lennie that he and Lennie will finally be at peace, when he quotes on page 106, “No Lennie, look down there acrost the river, like you can almost see the place.” This shows how George knows that when Lennie dies, he will live on in the peaceful place that he and George had imagined. George had to sacrifice Lennie for his own well being, and it was definitely not an easy thing to do, especially considering everything they had been through. Life isn’t always fair for people. In fact, the majority of people you meet in your life will even say that life's not fair at all. Sacrifices have to be made in order for our futures to be made. Of Mice and Men is about sacrifices, and how they may be difficult to make, but they will absolutely pay off in the long

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