Sacrifice In Kurt Vonnegut's 2BRO2 B

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Death. Eventually you’re going to have to die, so why not speed up the process? 2BRO2B by Kurt Vonnegut is about a limit to the earth’s population as of in order to live, somebody has to die. No one usually was willing to die for a baby to be born. And in this scenario (with Mr. Wehling) a sacrifice had to be made in order for someone to live. Therefore, it is clear that the theme for 2BRO2B is when desperate, anything can be done
First and foremost, in the story, Mr. Wheling was willing (and did)to kill 3 people in place for his 3 triplets and his grandfather. In fact, he was desprate enough to kill not only 2 people, but as well as himself. According to the text it states, “I want those kids’ said wehling quietly. ‘I want all three of them.’ … Wehling had just drawn a revolver. Wehling shot Dr. Hitz dead.” This shows that when desperate, anything can be done because Mr. Wehling was desperate for 3 people to die, (Not including his grandfather) to take place of his 3 kids to live. He was so desperate that he got a revolver
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SHe was a lady in purple. What she does is “cut down plants that were old and sickly…” as one of her tasks. Which could be inferred that in this case, to people. During this time, she wasnt desperate, and she wasnt having a baby. (41 and 42) Life was going good for her, so she wasnt going anything to help the world with it's life or death situation. As it says in the text, “‘Do the parents have three volunteers?’ said Leora Ducan. ‘Last I heard’ said Dr. Hitz, ‘ they had one, and were trying to scrape two up. ‘ ‘I don’t think they made it’ she said. ‘Nobody made three appointments with us.” Taking this piece of evidence as a whole, it is clearly being shown that Ducan isn’t desperate. And not being desperate, she wasnt willing to help the parents of the 3 newborn babies. This is showing that it is the complete opposite in someone elses
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