Sacrifice In Louisiana

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Louisiana is the 18th state in our country. The state flower of Louisiana is the magnolia. This flower is white. Louisiana was named after King Louis XIV from France. The state fruit is the strawberry. The American black bear is the state mammal. The honeybee is the state insect for Louisiana. “Come fall in Love with Louisiana all over again’ is the official Louisiana slogan. The brown pelican is the state bird. The brown pelican is on the state seal because the settlers were impressed with how much the brown pelican cared about its young. They used to believe that when there was no food, the mother would cut her breast with her beak and feed its blood to her young. Louisiana goes through many natural disasters including blizzards, floods,…show more content…
Tropical Depression Ten only lasted for a day from August 13 to August 14, 2005. Hurricane Katrina was not a hurricane yet, it was a tropical storm. Tropical Storm Katrina was heading towards Florida. Along the way, Tropical Storm Katrina became a hurricane. Two hours later, Hurricane Katrina went through Hallandale Beach and Aventura on August 25. Hallandale Beach and Aventura are in the right side of the bottom tip of Florida. Hurricane Katrina began to get less stronger and became a tropical storm. After it went through the bottom tip of Florida, it entered the Gulf of Mexico. There it got back to being a hurricane. Hurricane Katrina became a Category 5 hurricane on August 28 with winds up to 175 mph. As it headed towards land it weakened into a Category…show more content…
Louisiana was hit near Buras-Triumph. The wind speed was 125 mph. There was a storm surge along the coast of Louisiana. The height of the surge is inaccurate because we do not have enough information about it. A tide gauge in Plaquemines Parish recorded a tide that was over 14 feet. Plaquemines Parish is in the southeast of Louisiana. Because of the heavy rain and storm surges levees broke. The rain was 8-10 inches. Levees are used to stop a river from overflowing. Lake Pontchartrain overflowed and caused flooding. Many bridges were demolished. The I-10 Twin Span Bridge was one of them. This bridge joins Slidell with New Orleans. Lake Pontchartrain flooded the many parishes near it, including St. Tammany, St. John the Baptist, Tangipahoa, and St. Charles. St. Tammany Parish got hit by two storm surges. A parish is an area in Louisiana that is like a county that corresponds with a county from other states. There are 64 parishes in

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