Sacrifice In The Film 'The Hunger Games'

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In the film: The Hunger Games, teenagers are picked into a killing games that consists of 24 tributes, two from the 12 districts, one male and one female, to kill each other until one person remains. When the time comes, Katniss did not expect that her sister would be picked in the reaping. It was Prim's first year, afterall, this is her first time. In an attempt, Katniss volunteers for her sister to save her life. She tells her sister that she would try to win for her. Primrose cries and Gale takes her away with her mother. Katniss tells Gale to try to protects her family. They are picked into the death games and the countdown starts. The bloodbath starts and everybody dies. Katniss and Peeta make it until the end, they are the two remaining victors. The Thesis statement of this story is to make it until the end and to make sacrifices with the ones you love. The corrupt government or the capital, presidents snow forces each district to compete with each other.…show more content…
In the beginng of the film, the main character goes through her sister getting "reaped" into the games. Through bravery, Katniss makes an enormous sacrifice by volunteering for her sister. Katniss promises both her mother and Prim that she would win for them and she also tells Gale to protect Prim. Mrs. Everdeen had already lost her husband in a mine explosion and Katniss does not want to see her mother in grief. Another reason The Hunger Games demonstrates sacrifice was the way both Katniss and Peeta were willing to kill themselves together rather than to have one of them be the victor. That is, sacrifices are huge, especially since it reminds people that human life has
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