Sacrifice In The Hunger Games

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Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince, Twilight, The Hunger games and The Cather in the Rye are all extraordinary books. Four of them are different in so many ways. The main subject in Harry Potter is magic, Twilight is all about vampires, The Hunger Games revolves over saving your own head in the games and Cather in the Rye discuses problematic in a life of one teenager. Overall, they have some themes that make them similar, as I will here discus about sacrifices that are made in four of these books. Each sacrifice is done because of the people these characters love.

Firstly, in the Hunger Games sacrifice is visible at the very beginning and influence on the act of entire book. Children’s are forced to fight to the death in an arena for entertainment. Kattniss puts her life on the line when she decides to go in arena instead of her younger sister. However, that is not the only sacrifice she is making.
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Also, sacrifice affected on act in the Harry Potter´s book too. Harry had to stopped seeing Ron´s younger sister, Ginny, in who he was in love with, for her…show more content…
Making the main theme, sacrifice, helped me understand more each one of them. In The Hunger games, Twilight and the Harry Potter book sacrifices are more common and without them whole act of the story changes. Cather in the Rye concentrates on one protagonist in a story who does sacrifices for himself and it has no big influence on act of the story in general. In the conclusion, we make sacrifices every day so it is no wonder why this theme is significance in each of this book. We do it for those who we love. In order to achieve our goals we always have to sacrifice

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