Sacrifice In The Kite Runner

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A story that begins with the struggle for acceptance which leads to a life struggle for redemption. The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini is the story of Amir, an Afghan kid who after witnessing his life fall apart is set in a life of escaping his guilt and regrets, until finally is forced to make the decision to face them and fight for atonement. In the story, Kites are depicted all throughout it and are used by Hosseini to portray the main themes that compose the story, and the conflicts and struggles that the characters experience. In the book, Hosseini used Kites to represent the major themes in the story for they portray the characters happiness and guilt plus the main things that compose the story. The theme of sacrifice is clearly seen through Amir’s relation with Hassan, and can be observed on the occasions in which they flew kites together. When they flew kites, Amir was always the one that maneuvered the kite, which symbolizes his life and how he decided how he acted in every situation, while Hassan holded the ropes and suffered many bleeds and cuts do to the rope burns. In this instance, it’s shown that Hassan sacrificed himself and his well being so that Amir’s life could surge in the midst of all the troubles and stay buoyant just like the kite. After that, as Hassan went to retrieve the last kite they defeated in the Kite Tournament in the winter of 1975, however he was raped by Assef because Hassan would not dare to give the kite they just defeated to him.

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