Sacrifice In 'The Legend Of The Panda'

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“The Legend of the Panda” What is a legend? A legend is a reflection of a society’s values and beliefs. Usually in the format of fantasy-filled stories with improbable events. I read the “The Legend of the Panda”, a true sorrow filled legend that creates an advanced understanding of Chinese culture. The value of sacrifice; something that the human race doesn 't take as a small ordeal, is a very common theme in this legend. The emotions involved in true sacrifice are all based on a caring for another 's life, something that is demonstrated in “The Legend of the Panda”. I know that this legend is a paramount read because it reveals an inspiring message of how valuable sacrifice is; thus, it explains the true caring ability of humans. “The Legend of the Panda” is a stunning story that is woven with happiness and sorrow in a beautiful harmony. This legend begins with a young shepherdess, Dolma, tending to her flock. One day when she is collecting herbs, she sees a young panda cub. She asks him if he would like to join her flock. They spend many days together playing and eating. Then one day the panda cub, Beishung, is attacked by a snow leopard. Dolma races to rescue Beishung. But in doing so also ends her own life. The people of Wolong Valley, Dolma’s sisters, and the Beishung are grief stricken. So on the day of the burial, the mourners cover themselves with ashes. The Beishung weep and wipe their tear filled eyes with…show more content…
A gorgeous legend that starts with a friendly hand outstretched and ends with an agonizing death. It weaves the legend full of sacrifice and the aftermath of death. It covers the true value of sacrifice and how much it means to those left behind. How those people honor them once they have passed. The importance of having people around you that care enough to sacrifice everything for you, how those people deal with their grief if they ever lose you. So this legend may not be a famous New York Times novel, but it taught a profound amount
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