Sacrifice In The Metamorphosis By Franz Kafka

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How far would you sacrifice yourself for the people you love? In the book ¨The Metamorphosis¨ by Franz Kafka, it illustrates how love or the lack of it can influence what people and how they feel throughout life. In the book, the main character Gregor, was not receiving love, which affected him negatively because the unconditional love he had for his family made him blind to the abusive nature the family really had. It also made him constantly sacrifice himself to the point of death. In the novel you can clearly see how the family would take advantage and abuse Gregor. He would work hard for the family and his family had no appreciation for what he did. It was clear in the book that Gregor did not like his job. He always felt tired, but he would always go to his job for the sake of his family.…show more content…
He would deny actions that clearly state that the family didn't love him. He would see it as something that was his fault. An example of this is when Gregor was locked in the room. The book says, “Surely they didn’t want Gregor to starve, either, but perhaps they couldn’t have endured the experience of his eating habits except through hearsay; perhaps his sister also wanted to spare them one more sorrow, though possibly only a small one, because they were really suffering enough as it was.” This shows that he thinks his parents couldn’t look at him, but in reality they didn’t care about him anymore. His sister had to feed him in secret. He would always put his family's comfort before his, which would put him in situations that would put him in harm. He had an idea of hiding under the couch when his sister. When he would hide under the couch the book said, “...he could hardly breathe in that cramped space.” (Kafka 27) Gregor would've rather been squashed than give his sister any kind of discomfort. The unconditional love he had for his family influenced him to put his comfort as a second
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