Sacrifice In William Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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I carry a full conscious and a weighted heart. Not because of what I have done, but of what I could of done. These people I love, the people who caused me joy, are now the ones who have injured me. Was it my fault I continually ask myself. Is it because I led them down a dark path. Whatever the reason they have turned, not only from me, but to the rest of the world. I sit on this bench wondering why I 'm still waiting here. Why should I put my heart on the line once again? Why would this time be any different?

Oh yeah that 's why. She walks towards me, down the concreted path. As to emphasize a point, the trees surrounding the walkway, sway with the breeze, bringing forth the colored autumn leaves along her path. Time stands
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He shouldn 't be I thought. "He is at work and will be off later". She says it in a cheery tone, but I find no happiness in the subject.

A large wooden platform comes into view with people dotting the benches surrounding it.

"Ah, here we are!" I say with fake enthusiasm. The park has a play from time to time. Today 's play, Shakespeare 's Romeo and Juliet. It 's very cliche, but anything to see Jesse. We usually laugh at the actors who over act or the director making his own changes, which turn out to be hilarious. I scan the crowd and notice a few people, all seemingly couples. We walk past them and find a bench
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Awhile back me and Jesse saw an actual play about Spider-Man. The shotty acting had us both laughing until it hurt. The webs were literally pieces of silly string no joke.

"No possible way, you 're on!" As if on cue the makeshift curtains open revealing a man wearing incredibly tight pants and a loose green shirt.

"Welcome fair folks to a play you will never forget". He quickly adds, "The tale of Romeo and Juliet"! After a dramatic pause he begins again. "Please turn off all cellular devices and the play will begin". Being a rebel, I put my phone on vibrate. Out of no where, Jesse whistles, causing me to cringe.

"I wish I could fit pants that tight". What? I bite my tongue trying not to laugh. Don 't laugh it 's rude. Too late, I burst out laughing in the otherwise silent crowd. What did I just do! My face grows red and I sink lower in my seat. "It 's so cute when your embarrassed". I glare at her. She looks way too smug, I wish she didn 't tease me so much. "Shh" she whispers "the play is starting".

"I wasn 't even talking" I whine. I pinch her side causing her to fall out of her seat. Jesse looks up at me embarrassed and
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