Sacrifice Of Isaac Analysis

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The Sacrifice of Isaac was sculpted by Filippo Brunelleschi. It was made between the years 1401 and 1402. I believe that this sculpture has a very important message. I think it shows that if you put your faith in God, then you will be rewarded for trusting and believing in Him. Just like Abraham trusted in the Lord. He ended up not having to kill Isaac, his son.

This sculpture is made from bronze. It is a high relief sculpture because it is raised from the base. The Sacrifice of Isaac was carved using the subtractive process. He removed material from the bronze until the sculpture was completed. Brunelleschi used his methods to intensify the appearance of reality. He wanted to portray the actual scene of Abraham getting ready to kill Isaac.
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This sculptor was created to capture the scene of Abraham about to kill Isaac. Abraham was told to sacrifice his son Isaac. Isaac was his only son. They both go into the wilderness and an angel stops Abraham from killing Isaac. He was stopped because Abraham proved his faith in God. Abraham was really going to kill Isaac because he was told to by God. He was willing to give up his son because he trusted in the Lord and put him first. Brunelleschi showed these details in his sculpture. Many more of Brunelleschi’s artworks involve religion. He liked to use linear perspective in his designs such as domes. Brunelleschi became a well-known architect and engineer. He designed many churches and other buildings including: San Lorenzo, Cathedral of Santa Mara del Fiore, Pazzi Chapel, Ospedale degli Innocenti, and the Church of Santo Spirito. Brunelleschi designed the domes and/or the columns for some of these buildings. Some of these buildings were also symmetrical in design. He used many geometric formulas and during his career to create these magnificent structures. Some of these resemble Gothic architecture (Hyman). There is no doubt that Brunelleschi was a very talented architect, engineer, and
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