Sacrifice Ride Narrative

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Slowly, we were rising to the sky, fearful of the risks of this ride. As we stopped at the top, hanging over the top for our dear lives, then… we dropped. Twisting and turning, I passed out on the first turn. I wake up in the middle of a loop screaming and I am crying my eyes out. We take loops and twists so high up, you would die if you fall. I held onto the bar, hoping that the saint heard my cries. I close my eyes to advert the sight of the terrifying drop. As we get to the end of the ride and halt to a stop, I pass out again. And I am woken by a pinch on my thigh. This was my first ride that was this big. When I ever went to a carnival or Great America when I was younger, I would never go on any rides, even the little dipper. The only ride I ever went on was the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit when I was 7-8ish. My dad convinced me to go on it and he would get me ice cream later. I cried all the way up the line, while seating in the ride, during the ride, after the ride, and five minutes after we got off. Once I went to get ice cream, I wasn't crying.…show more content…
Before we rode the epic ride, we took little steps up the rides’ intensity. We did the Whizzer first. That was an easy ride with no loops. Then we went on the Demon. I had so much fun on it that we rode it thirteen times. That was my first time going on a ride with a loop in Great America. Then we went to the American Eagle. It was a bit scarier because it felt so unsafe because it was made of wood, but it was still fun. We only did it once because the line was too long and I was also still scared. Then we went to a bit more intense ride, which was the Viper. It wasn’t as bumpy as the American Eagle, so it wasn’t as scary, but it was much faster than the Eagle. I almost passed out but stayed awake luckily. Then this is when we went on the
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