Romance Genre In Romeo And Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet (1968) movie

Romance genre can be as a genre whereby the plot of the film revolves around the affection or love between two or among protagonists. The genre typically has a theme, which explores a concern within love. This type includes but does not limit, love triangles, affection or love, at first sight, forbidden love and sacrificial love. Actually, the tone of romance movie can differ significantly. Whether hers is a tragic or a happy ending, fantasy movie purpose to evoke very strong emotions in the viewers.

In Veronica present Italy, there exist a longstanding warfare between the Capulet and the Montague clans, and they are into a street brawl initiated by the city’s price. At the same night, two kids who are teenagers Juliet (Capulet) and Romeo (Montague) meet coincidentally at a Capulet feast. They later become infatuated with love. Romeo later on comes across a quiet garden that was under Juliet’s bedroom and what followed was a romantic exchange of impassioned pledges. The two later married secretly by Romeo’s father figure and confessor known as Friar Laurence together with the help of Juliet’s nursemaid. Regrettably, a street duel starts between Romeo 's best friend Mercutio and Juliet 's first cousin Tybalt when Tybalt insults Romeo.
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It was initially released as a vinyl record and contained nine records. The movie is a typical romantic genre movie. This is because the setting was romantic, and the protagonists in the film were deeply infatuated. In the plot, there existed conflicts between the Capulet and the Montague clans. There is evidence when Juliet’s cousin kills Romeo’s friend due to their different families. The mood in the movie was optimistic in that Juliet hoped that the hoax would lead to the unification of Romeo and her. There is a romantic sound played and created by Nino Rota and the lighting used brought a romantic
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